Our organization promotes seafarers welfare in the Romanian ports of the Black Sea.

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SOMETHING ABOUT US and our results

The data below is not accurate and has only an informative character. Only information taken from Seamen's Club Constanta was considered.

Seamen's Centers

One in Constanta and another in Agigea.

Our Visitors

213 Seafarers who visited us this year.


100 Vessel Crews.


10 Celebrated Events

Visited Ships

169 Visited Ships in 2020.

Working Days

191 Working Days in 2020.

Important Information

According to the Schengen rules, seafarers can not leave the port unless they have received a Shore-Pass and only in the area of the port-city where they are.

Therefore, if you are in the port of Midia-Navodari, we can not invite you to the Club, but we can take you for a tour in the town of Navodari.

Position on the Map

Represented the way from the Port Gate to the Kaufland Supermarket, in Năvodari..

To this amount, it may be necessary to add the entry fee to the port (approximately 30 Lei).

• Only exchange money in authorized exchange centers!
• If you are using individual transport, only look for authorized taxi cars and track the toll booth.
• If you are out in the city, it is best not to be alone.
• Do not buy alcoholic beverages to bring into the port.
• CONTACT US! You will be safe..

(A) Port Gate - Port Midia-Năvodari;
(B) Entrance to Năvodari (intermediate route point);
(C) Kaufland - Năvodari Supermarket.

Answers to your FAQ's

Below are answers to a series of frequently asked questions.

Program? You can ask for us from Monday to Friday between 15:00 and 20:00.
Seamen's Club? No, because we should leave the city-port you are in. Seamen's Club is in Constantza.
Return? We'll take you back to the ship at 22:00 at most. If you want to stay in the city, you'll have to return with a taxi.
People? In our minibus we can carry up to 8 people. We can do more transports.
Prices? Not, all of our services are provided FREE.
Documents? You need (is mandatory) your Shore-Pass and Passport (Seaman's Book).
Sights? There are a few things to see in Navodari and two supermarkets for shopping.
Paid in USD? Not. On the romanian territory, payments are made only in Romanian Lei. But, there are authorized Exchange Houses in the city.
In another place? if you are in port Constanta , please enter here and if you are In Constanța-Sud (Agigea), please enter here .

About Navodari City

The settlement was mentioned for the first time in 1421 under the name Kara Koyun ("Black Sheep"), to be renamed later on Karakoy or Carachioi ("The Black Village").

In 1927, the locality was again renamed to Navodari and after five years, on 15 August 1932, it was granted commune status.Today, Navodari is an important chemical and industrial town containing a car repairs factory and a Petromidia factory specialized in petrochemical products.

Navodari has also developed in the social and cultural fields; in the city center there is a children\'s town, built between 1969 and 1972, vacation accommodations, and sports facilities where up to 12,000 visitors can be accommodated.

Some 5 kilometres from the town itself there is a summer camp (the largest one in Romania), built under the communist regime for school children.

Due to its interesting programmes, good accommodation and affordable prices, it was extremely popular among teachers and parents.

In the early 2000s, it was opened for the public at large as a cheap seaside resort.

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